Mid-America Orthopedics Partners With Local Favorite for Physical Therapy

David Kempin on location at Optimal PerformanceMid-America Orthopedics’ Physical Therapy team treats patients at our 3 main locations: East and West Wichita and Derby.  As of June this year, we’ve chosen to partner with local business, Optimal Performance, to begin treating patients at their facility as a fourth location.  This Wichita favorite, is a full service gym that has made a name for itself in equipping and conditioning athletes to achieve their sport specific goals.

Mid-America Orthopedics prides itself on offering exemplary physical therapy and rehabilitation.  Our 22 therapist provide only the in best care so that patients experience reduction in pain, restoration in function, and education to minimize the risk of future injury.   So successful is our program that, honestly, we’re running out of room.  Setting up MAO Physical Therapy at Optimal’s East Central location in Wichita will afford more growth opportunities for MAO.  We’ll be moving 2 therapist, Zach Stuke and David Kempin (pictured), to treat patients there multiple days a week.  This will allow more room for the East therapist to treat existing patients and afford both the West and Derby Offices the opportunity to send patients to these sites.  The addition of Amy McAfee in June and Dava Logsdon in August will also help enable MAO’s growth trajectory. 

Optimal Performance was selected to partner in this venture because they share MAO’s desire to provide only the best in service.  Their staff are renowned in their field and they've cultivated relationships with athletes across Sedgwick County.  Optimal’s location will also provide our therapists with the room to do treatments that our present facilities can’t accommodate: such as sport specific training, running drills, and agility exercises.  Furthermore, it will place Mid-America Orthopedics in a position to offer a unique cycle of services.  That cycle includes referrals, evaluation opportunities, surgery, and physical therapy, potentially followed by sport specific training through Optimal Performance. 

We are very grateful that our patients have given us the opportunity to grow.  Our patients are at the fore-front of everything we do.  By recruiting the most talented therapists and partnering with a premier facility, like Optimal Performance, we’re not only able to expand our therapy options but also give our patients something that no other orthopedic practice in Wichita can. Optimal Performance is located at 11444 E. Central in Wichita.  Our therapists are accepting new patients.  Call 316.262.4886 today.