Dr. David Hufford is the Only Board Certified Occupational Medicine Physician in Wichita

Mid-America Orthopedics is known for being a premier place to receive extraordinary care.  Offering incredible and caring service to our patients sets Mid-America Orthopedics apart from the competition, as do the caliber of our providers.  
In December of 2015, Dr. David Hufford was contacted by the American Board of Preventitive Medicine to congratulate him on his completion of the certifying examination for Occupational Medicine.   Holding certifications in Sports Medicine, Family Practice, and now Occupational Medicine, Dr. Hufford is the only doctor in our practice to be "triple boarded" and the only board certified Occupation Medicine Physician in all of Wichita!
Dr. Hufford joined Mid-America Orthopedics in December 2005.  Over the last decade he has applied his extensive knowledge and wide-ranging experience to compassionately treat patients in Occupational Medicine, Non-Operative Orthopedics, and Sports Medicine.  Dr. Hufford treats patients at our East Wichita and Derby office locations and is accepting new patients now.