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The life of an athlete can be difficult on the body. One such difficulty is sports injuries. Even athletes participating in low impact sports like swimming or bowling subject themselves to sports related pain or sports injuries. The best treatment for sports injuries is prevention, which our athletic trainers specialize in. However, pain from playing sports and sports injuries happen. If left untreated, though, sports injuries can have a negative impact on performance and longevity.

Whether you’re a parent looking for the best athletic training for high school athletes or a novice athlete looking for injury prevention, care, or rehabilitation for sports injuries, Mid-America Orthopedics is here for you!

At Mid-America Orthopedics, our Athletic Training staff consists of qualified, experienced and highly recommended professionals. Our team specializes in preventing sports injuries, caring for sports injuries and pain from playing sports, and rehabilitation of sports injuries. We partner with more than ten schools in Wichita and the surrounding areas to provide Athletic Training services for high school athletes.

Our certified athletic trainers work hard to minimize the effect of on-field injuries and work closely with coaching staff to create an emergency response team through Sports Safety/CPR/AED training and emergency action plans.

The Mid-America Orthopedic Athletic Training staff also work in our clinics, which allows them to follow their athletes closely through the full spectrum of care. From the time of injury on the field, to the sports injury consultation, through the rehabilitation process and return to competition, our athletic trainers are with our athletes every step of the way.

If an athlete needs a referral to a sports medicine physician or physical therapist, our athletic trainers have direct access to the sports medicine doctors and physical therapists at Mid-America Orthopedics. This means you can quickly schedule an appointment and trust the care you’ll receive. We’re proud to set ourselves apart from other athletic training provides by providing the full spectrum of care from athletic training to sports medicine, and physical therapy/rehabilitation for sports injury,

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