Included below are a list of our most frequently asked questions about Mid-America Orthopedics. For any additional questions, please call 316-630-9300 or submit an information request.

Yes. MAO is contracted with all insurance plans. We also see patients under their work comp claims and third-party liability claims.

We do bill auto insurance but require health insurance as a secondary. Without health insurance, we require a deposit for services.

Many patients do self-refer to MAO, but if you have an insurance plan that requires prior authorization from your primary care doctor you may be asked to obtain that authorization prior to your initial visit.

At this time, MAO does not have regular clinic hours on Saturdays.

Yes, we do require copay at the time of service. If you cannot pay, you will be directed to our billing department.

Yes, we do. We do require deposit amounts depending on the service provided and ask you to contact our billing department for payment arrangements on the remaining balance.

Each MAO location has staff that can assist a patient, if asked. We also have wheelchairs available.

You will need to bring a photo ID, insurance cards, copay, list of medications, x-ray or MRI films or results from any other testing that has been done on the body part for which you are being seen.

Yes. We accept orders from any medical provider and will promptly send the test results back to them.

We invite any other questions you may have. Please call our office at 316-630-9300.