5 Common Causes of Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain Conceptualization

And Where to Find the Lower Back Pain Relief Near You in Wichita

The lower back area is involved in many of the typical motions that we make on a daily basis. That includes bending at the waist, twisting, standing, leaning forward and backward, and sitting.

Lower back pain can drastically affect your quality of life if the condition is allowed to linger. The most common symptoms include stiffness, posture problems, and muscle spasms. Additionally, lower back and hip pain are closely associated because these areas are adjacent to each other.

The best way to avoid lower back pain is through prevention. Although some lower back pain problems originate from causes that are unavoidable, such as genetics and disease, others can be prevented by making simple adjustments to your daily life. The following are five common causes of lower back pain.

#1 – Back Strain or Sprain

A back strain or sprain is when the muscles, tendons, or ligaments in the back are injured from either attempting to lift something too heavy or lifting with improper technique, for example, lifting with the back instead of the legs.

Additionally, a back strain can be caused by a particularly violent cough or sneeze, or by making an abrupt twisting or bending motion.

Because you can strain or sprain your back doing menial tasks, it is the most common type of injury we see.

#2 – Spinal Fractures

A spinal fracture occurs when the bones of the spine are compromised due to something like a fall, car accident, or other blunt trauma. This will result in a much more intense variety of upper, mid, or lower back pain when compared to a back strain or sprain.

Most spinal fractures require immediate medical attention and will take several months to heal properly. Conditions such as spondylolysis or osteoporosis can increase the chances of incurring a spinal fracture as bones weaken.

#3 – Arthritis

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, arthritis – inflammatory, autoimmune, or otherwise, impacts roughly 25 percent of the U.S. population. It also happens to be the leading cause of work disability cases.

Out of all the varieties of arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis is one of the more common types that causes chronic inflammation of the spine and eventual fusion of the spine. Symptoms can include lower back and hip pain, neck pain, stiffness, fatigue, and difficulty breathing.

#4 – Poor Posture

Poor posture is one of the leading causes of lower back pain in the United States. Typically, this form of lower back pain is caused by slouching or slumping when sitting in an office chair. Those who work from home and have not invested in a proper, ergonomic office chair may be experiencing this.

Lower back pain from poor posture also can be caused by lying on your belly for too long or hunching forward in a way that puts stress on your lower back.

Fortunately, poor posture is something that most people can easily correct by implementing better posture habits, strengthening core and back muscles, and buying proper office furniture.

#5 – Disease

Unfortunately, one of the most frequent causes of lower back pain is disease, which is unavoidable in most cases. This could include an infection, cancer, or a spinal tumor.

In these cases, finding lower back pain relief is usually a matter of undergoing surgery and getting on medications intended to fight the disease or illness. Medications may also be required for pain management.

Steps to Finding Lower Back Pain Relief

If you’re experiencing lower back pain that has not resolved itself after a couple days, that might be an indication that you need professional assistance to find lower back pain relief. The challenge for a lot of people is determining the right time to see an orthopedic doctor. What we can tell you from experience is that trying to “tough it out” usually doesn’t improve a lower back condition. In fact, that might make the situation worse.

Do yourself and your lower back a favor, and set up an appointment with one of the experienced orthopedic doctors at Mid-America Orthopedics Wichita. Once we get a detailed medical history, our orthopedic doctors can conduct a comprehensive examination. They may even perform X-rays or an MRI to get a better idea of what’s triggering your lower back pain.

Whatever the issue ends up being, you can rest assured that our orthopedic doctors have decades of combined experience helping patients like you find lower back pain relief.

If you’re experiencing lower back pain or lower back and hip pain, the best way to get on the path to recovery is by calling us at (316) 630-9300 to schedule an appointment.