5 Ways Orthopedic Specialists Deliver Advanced Pain Management

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Reclaim Your Quality of Life with Advanced Orthopedic Treatments

Chronic pain can adversely affect a person’s ability to perform everyday activities, including walking, using stairs, carrying objects, and sleeping. According to a study conducted by the National Institutes of Health, approximately 21% of the U.S. population suffers from some form of chronic pain, making it one of the most common orthopedic issues Americans face.

It’s also worth noting that chronic pain has direct ties to mental health conditions like anxiety and depression, which is why it’s crucial to explore advanced orthopedic treatments that will manage symptoms and address the root issue. Advanced pain management, particularly for orthopedic issues, requires a nuanced approach.

Our orthopedic specialists at Mid-America Orthopedics are at the forefront of advanced pain management, blending their depth of knowledge of the musculoskeletal system with innovative treatments. This approach enables our physicians to provide relief to those suffering with chronic pain caused by injuries, degenerative diseases, and age-related conditions.

In this blog, we’ll explore how our orthopedic specialists deliver advanced pain management, highlighting specific treatments and issues they address.

Advanced Pain Management Starts With a Proper Diagnosis

The journey to reclaiming a pain-free life begins with an accurate diagnosis. Our orthopedic specialists use diagnostic tools to pinpoint the source of pain, including MRIs, CT scans, and X-rays. These provide detailed imaging of bone, ligaments, tendons, and soft tissue, aiding in the precise identification of issues. A proper diagnosis informs the advanced pain management treatments your physician uses.

Advanced Orthopedic Treatments That Promote Positive Outcomes

Depending on the diagnosis and unique qualities of the patient, orthopedic specialists can tailor a treatment plan that addresses their symptoms and the root cause of their pain. Orthopedic physicians commonly employ these five treatments:

  • Physical therapy: A cornerstone of orthopedic pain management, physical therapy helps strengthen muscles, increase flexibility, and reduce pain. This tailored exercise program promotes healing and restoration of joint function in those who have suffered trauma, sports-related injuries, or who are recovering from surgery. Physical therapy is also beneficial for patients with certain cardiopulmonary and neurological conditions.
  • Medication management: Orthopedic specialists may prescribe medication to help patients manage their chronic pain symptoms. Because most joint pain is directly tied to inflammation, anti-inflammatory drugs and corticosteroids are ideal for providing relief. Orthopedic physicians may also recommend NSAID medications used in combination with acetaminophen. For extreme cases of chronic pain, opioids may be prescribed, but always with a careful eye on the patient’s overall health and potential side effects.
  • Regenerative medicine: In the field of advanced orthopedics, regenerative medicine is a cutting-edge approach that shows great promise in treating acute and chronic conditions. Orthobiologic treatments like platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections and stem cell therapy use the patient’s naturally occurring biological substances to provide pain relief and accelerate the healing process.
  • Minimally invasive surgery: When surgery is necessary, orthopedic specialists prefer using the least invasive method for the sake of the patient’s recovery. Arthroscopy, for example, allows surgeons to diagnose and treat joint problems through small incisions, resulting in faster healing times and more manageable pain levels.
  • Joint replacement and repair: For severe orthopedic conditions that cannot be treated using arthroscopy, joint replacement or repair surgeries can offer life-changing pain relief and improved mobility. The orthopedic surgeons near you at Mid-America Orthopedics have decades of combined experience performing traditional open surgeries that permanently resolve chronic pain. Although open surgery typically results in much longer recovery times than arthroscopy, the long-term benefits vastly outweigh the short-term drawbacks.

Choosing the Right Approach to Advanced Pain Management

Our orthopedic specialists understand that effective pain management is not one-size-fits-all. By considering factors such as the patient’s lifestyle, activity level, and overall health, our physicians adopt a holistic view that guides their approach.

Treatment plans are designed to meet their specific needs, goals, and circumstances. This may include lifestyle modifications, diet changes, medications, and integration with other specialties for comprehensive care.

Patient education is another essential piece of the advanced pain management puzzle. Our orthopedic specialists empower patients with knowledge, helping them make informed decisions about their treatment options and recovery process.

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Orthopedic specialists play a pivotal role in delivering advanced pain management treatments that deliver meaningful results. Through a combination of expert diagnosis, innovative treatment options, and a holistic, patient-centered approach, our physicians offer hope and relief to those struggling with orthopedic pain.

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