Most Common Hand Surgeries

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A Breakdown of What Hand Surgery Specialists Do

The hands are one of the most used parts of the human body. They enable people to do simple tasks such as brushing their teeth and using a writing utensil. Additionally, the hands allow us to do tasks that require a significant amount of dexterity, such as typing and playing the piano.

Considering the wide array of tasks and functions the hands are capable of, a person’s quality of life and ability to function are greatly reduced when they’re injured or affected by an illness. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 24 percent of adults in the United States have arthritis. Many of those cases are directly tied to the hand and wrist area, which can sometimes result in hand surgery.

Here at Mid-America Orthopedics, we work with a variety of patients who are experiencing healthcare challenges relating to their hands. Our hand surgery specialists have decades of combined experience performing non-surgery treatment along with surgery on hands to help patients reduce their pain levels and regain their mobility.


Hand Surgeries That Our Hand Surgery Specialists Perform

Hand surgeries are required for conditions relating to trauma, overuse injuries, and other medical conditions. The following are the most common hand surgeries:

Fractures and breaks: There are 27 individual bones in the human hand, which can make treatment difficult when fractures or breaks occur. Most finger breaks typically heal with appropriate splinting. However, complex breaks and fractures to the metacarpals or bones in the wrist may require hand surgery to promote proper healing. The only way to determine “simple” from “complex” is to see a hand surgeon.

Tendon injuries: Tendons are the tissue that connect muscles to bones. When a tendon tears or is cut, it usually results in intense pain, weakness, and significantly reduced range of motion. Tendon ruptures or lacerations commonly occur in the hands and require surgery to address.

Ganglion: A ganglion cyst is a sack-like swelling that can cause pain and reduced mobility in the hand. Performing surgery on the hand is required to remove it.

Carpal tunnel: According to the National Library of Medicine, carpal tunnel syndrome is the most common form of nerve entrapment (called neuropathy). Those afflicted by nerve entrapment experience symptoms such as numbness, pain, uncomfortable tingling, weakness, and or difficult holding on or gripping objects. With progress over time, permanent changes can occur in the nerve. Surgery is designed to remove the compression on the median nerve and improve symptoms and function.

Dupuytren’s contracture: Dupuytren’s contracture is an inherited condition that causes bumps or masses in the palm or fingers that may look with caucuses. Additionally, one or more the fingers may unnaturally curl or bend into the palm, which greatly reduces function and mobility. The table top test is the best way to determine if you have Dupuytren’s contracture. Simply place your hand on the table top. If the palm rests flat on the table but you have the bumps, you have early Dupuytren’s. If your palm does not touch, you probably have already developed cord contractures. Several treatment options are available which include hand surgery to remove the tissue that is causing the fingers to bend.

Trigger finger: Trigger finger occurs when the finger tendon can no longer achieve frictionless motion within its sheath, which results in the finger getting stuck in a bent position or the inability to move the finger. People with rheumatoid arthritis, low thyroid function, and diabetes are most at risk of getting it. Multiple treatment options are available. More advanced cases of trigger finger may require surgery on the hand.


Looking for Hand Surgery Specialists in Wichita? Contact The Hand Center at Mid-America Orthopedics

Mid-America Orthopedics is a team of orthopedic doctors, physical therapists, sports medicine doctors, athletic trainers, and hand surgery specialists. Our decades of combined experience means that we’ve treated a wide variety of patients who are challenged by a broad spectrum of healthcare issues.

Considering the pivotal role the hands play in day-to-day life, patients who are experiencing reduced mobility and/or pain due to an injury or illness are encouraged to contact us as soon as possible. As part of our commitment to our patients and their health outcomes, we can generally schedule patients a same-day or next-day appointment. This ensures they can get examined, diagnosed, and put on a treatment plan on an expedited timeline.

In the event your condition requires hand surgery, you can rest assured knowing that Mid-America Orthopedics Wichita has some of the top hand surgery specialists in the area. Set up an appointment with us today. You can email us directly using the contact form on our website, or call us at (316) 630-9300.