Post-Injury Physical Therapy Prepares Athletes For the Coming Football Season

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For many athletes, particularly those who are conditioning for the upcoming football season, recovering from an injury is just as much about mental preparation as it is about physical recovery. Physical therapy and rehabilitation play a crucial role in both respects, helping athletes recover while boosting their confidence as they return to peak performance.

As providers of professional physical therapy near you in Wichita, Mid-America Orthopedics has years of experience helping high school and college athletes overcome sports-related injuries using holistic methods. Continue reading to learn how our orthopedic doctors and physical therapists will guide your student-athlete on the road to recovery, and contact us to make an appointment.

The Value Of a Professional Diagnosis

Before engaging in physical therapy, it’s important to assess your student-athlete’s orthopedic health with an exam, especially if they are recovering from an injury. Our orthopedic doctors can order imaging studies, such as MRIs, CT scans, and X-rays, which enable them to diagnose the kind and severity of the sports injury.

Based on the results of the exam, your orthopedic doctor will develop a personalized treatment plan that considers your student-athlete’s performance goals. The exam also serves to inform the direction of physical therapy and the specific exercises used to restore strength, flexibility, mobility, and endurance.

For football players whose sport demands a high level of physical contact and explosive strength, physical therapy is tailored to mimic the movements and stresses of the game, ensuring that the athlete’s body can withstand them after they return to play. To get a professional diagnosis and treatment plan for your athlete, make an appointment at Mid-America Orthopedics.

The Role Of Your Physical Therapist

Physical therapists work closely with athletes to monitor their progress and adjust their rehabilitation program as needed. This might involve techniques to reduce pain, exercises to restore function and rebuild muscle, and education on preventing future injuries.

As recovery progresses, the intensity of the exercises increases to better align with what’s expected on the field. Because physical therapy is a gradual process, it helps reduce the risk of reaggravating the injury. Visit our physical therapy page to learn more about its benefits and what to expect.

The Benefits Of Professional Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Mid-America Orthopedics takes pride in helping Wichita student-athletes return to form so they can make an impact on the field. By committing to physical therapy, football players reap numerous physical and mental benefits.

  • Enhanced recovery speed: Physical therapy helps speed up the recovery process by ensuring that the athlete engages in exercises and modalities that target the injured area, promoting healing while maintaining overall body conditioning.
  • Prevention of further injury: A crucial part of physical therapy involves learning techniques that help prevent future injuries. Therapists teach athletes about body mechanics and movements that reduce the risk of injury during play, which is especially important in a contact sport like football.
  • Improved strength and mobility: Physical therapy doesn’t just aim to bring athletes back to their pre-injury state. Many athletes see improvements in strength and mobility beyond their original capabilities. This is due to targeted exercises that enhance muscular balance and joint stability.
  • Psychological benefits: Recovering from an injury can be a mentally challenging process for many young athletes, especially if they’ve never done it before. Physical therapists provide encouragement and set progressive goals that help athletes see improvements and stay motivated.
  • Customized rehabilitation: Every athlete’s injury is completely unique to them. Physical therapy and rehabilitation programs are highly customized, crafted to meet the individual needs of the athlete while considering the demands of their sport. This ensures that the recovery process is as efficient and effective as possible.
  • Incorporating physical therapy into training routines: As the football season approaches, integrating physical therapy exercises into regular training routines can help athletes maintain their recovery progress, improve performance, and reduce the risk of injury recurrence. Physical therapists can collaborate with coaches and trainers to integrate these exercises into training sessions.

How to Arrange Physical Therapy Near You

Physical therapy is not just about recovery; it’s also a source of personal empowerment. It provides athletes with the tools and confidence to retake the field more prepared than ever. For football players, our comprehensive approach of physical therapy is essential for a successful season of a sport that demands peak physical and mental performance.

Parents who are interested in learning more about how Mid-America Orthopedics can help get your student-athlete ready for the season after an injury should contact us to schedule an exam. After one of our experienced physicians assesses your student-athlete, they can offer recommendations for treatment and pain management, including professional physical therapy.

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