Fracture Liaison

The Liaison Program Works to Prevent Fragility Fractures in Adults
Orthopedics has traditionally focused on fixing fractures after they occur. At Mid-America Orthopedics
we are striving to prevent factures before they happen. The underlying cause for the majority of
non-traumatic fractures that occur in adults 50 and over is osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a progressive
disease that decreases the weight and density of bones making them more brittle.
According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation about half of all women and one quarter of all men will suffer at least one fragility fracture after 50. There are more than 2 million fragility fractures in the U.S. each year and these fractures can significantly interfere in an individual's quality of life, contribute to significant health problems and even death. Our goal at Mid-America Orthopedics is to treat fractures, prevent future fractures and enable our patients to get back to the activities they enjoy.
If you are 50 years or older and have had a fracture or your physician tells that you would benefit from a bone health evaluation, Fracture Liaison could be a great resource for you. During your visit you can


        1. Medical History:

                   You will be asked questions in order to obtain a thorough medical history. In particular, you
                   will be asked about past history of fractures, current and past medications, family history and           
                   other risk factors for osteoporosis.

           2. Laboratory Tests:

                  Some lab tests are specific for bone health. The orders for lab will be tailored to each patient's

        3. Bone Density Scan 

                 If your history indicates probable bone loss of bone density we will order a bone density scan.
                 This will help your provider confirm a diagnosis of osteoporosis and document the severity of
                 bone loss.

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