Sports Medicine

Whether you're a weekend sports participant or student/professional athlete, we understand the pain and frustration of being sidelined by an injury. From expert diagnosis and cutting-edge procedures to customized rehab therapy, Mid-America Orthopedics works hard to be a best practices organization focused on getting you back in the game. We're a single destination provider for a complete regimen of care.

Age, conditioning level, physical demands, and nutrition all play a big part in the ongoing care and treatment of an orthopedics patient. Our board-certified orthopedic sports medicine surgeons Dr. John R Babb and Dr. Justin Strickland, provide care for surgical non-surgical injuries, pre-participation assessment of medical illnesses that impact an athlete's ability to perform, and assessment of progress in rehab and readiness to return to participation.


Mid-America Orthopedics has certified athletic trainers on staff to provide athletic training and sports medicine services, focused on the prevention, care, and rehabilitation of athletic injuries, at the following local schools:

Our certified athletic trainers work hard to minimize the effects of on-field injuries and work closely with the coaching staffs to create an emergency response team through Sports Safety/CPR/AED training and emergency action plans.
Because our athletic trainers work in our practice, we closely follow the athlete through the entire range of care. From the time of injury on the field and the initial doctor's appointment through the rehabilitation process and return to competition, our trainers and doctors stand by the athlete.

The athletic training staff at Mid-America Orthopedics has experience serving patients in high school, college and professional sports.